Nearing the 12 month anniversary of my accident the word 'perspective' becomes more and more relevant every day.

Rewind back to August 2014 my complaints were pretty frequent and petty, I wasn't happy at work, my lack of direction in life, I had dislocated my shoulder and couldn't play football, my phone battery wouldn't last past 10 AM and I was sick of cooking myself dinner every night. I would whinge to myself, expecting things to happen and that the world owed me something because "I was dealt such a bad hand".

September 2014 was when I was given my hardest challenge in life. I couldn't move my arms I couldn't feed myself I couldn't wash myself I couldn't use my phone. There were a lot of 'couldn'ts' that crept in. I was now a quadriplegic, and all my problems prior to this were put into perspective. Having lived in a hospital surrounded by amputees, stroke patients, people with brain injuries and of course, spinal-cord injuries I have formed relationships with a wide variety of people. My daily chat with a friend with an ABI reminds me that although my body doesn't work, my brain does, yet from his side of the fence it is the opposite. Perspective yet again. Although my hands don't move, other spinal patients injuries prevent them from breathing on their own. Perspective. Two weeks ago a fellow patient/mate passed away tragically, unexpected, and left behind a family. Perspective. Suddenly, my injury is so insignificant and in the bigger picture of Life and the problems that we face I truly appreciate the meaning of 'perspective'

Here begins chapter 2 of this new life...heading home!